Serialpreneur, Lazarius “Ken” Walker

Chef Lazarius “Ken” Walker has been putting his own twist on traditional recipes since the age of 12. His mom taught him to “get up, get out and stay hungry”. Ever since, the 33 year-old entrepreneur has been committed to doing just that — from working in local restaurants as an early teenager to being in charge of the age-old philanthropy cook out in his fraternity and running one of the most successful restaurants in South Carolina today.


About "Ken"

The Winner Chef and ambitious seafood aficionado was invited to represent the state in a culinary competition hosted by Thomas’ Breakfast in 2016. Throwing his hat in the ring, that is when Walker quickly discovered the vast extent of his impact, garnering national and even international votes and support. Knocking out each of the 50 states, Walker earned the title of Thomas’ Breakfast Battle Grand Champion in the semi-finals against popular dining giant New York City, putting the southern state and his name on the map. Walker’s competitive drive did not stop there. He went on to earn an international title from the Guinness World Records as the most expensive crab cake in the world. He’s also been featured on shows such as Guys Grocery Games of the Food Network.

The Twist is a family restaurant that has become a regional sensation in Columbia. The restaurant has been open for three years . A normal day at the Twist consists of lines outside of the door on any given weekend with people from all ages and backgrounds. Walker,in turn, greets all with a smile to fulfill his mission of customer fulfillment as a chef.

The philanthropic serialpreneur is not always in the kitchen. Walker sets aside free time gfrom his duties as chef to invest in his local community as a realtor and business mentor by consulting with small businesses and showing his expertise in business leadership. Walker’s goal is to offer free services to his community that will ensure the same growth and success he’s been blessed with. Walker’s philanthropic goal is “making sure to always remind them that even the underdogs can make it.”


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